The Corporate Innovation Canvas

Corporate-Innovation-Canvas-v6-smlI’ll be posting more of a how-to on this shortly, but, in the mean time, here are answers to some of the more obvious questions about this.

What is this?

This is a canvas a corporation can use to explore, organize, and focus their target innovation outcomes.

Who would use it?

The audience I know are corporations with >1B USD in market cap who are looking to incubate disruptive new businesses as part of their program of innovation and (more to the punchline) organic growth.

Why would they use it?

Often, the charters for innovation projects leave the  teams in charge of them confused or (worse) stuck. Most managers find it challenging to communicate innovation goals in a way that balances alignment with outcomes that matter to the corporation with the autonomy and freedom innovation teams need to do good work.

This canvas is a way to provide focus and clarity on innovation goals from the senior management team to individual innovation teams.

How do they start?

You can download a PDF here: Download the Corporate Innovation Canvas. I’ll have a Google Slides version soon, but I recommend starting with pencil and paper.