• Letron

    Alex. I’m Loving your book. Any update on when the financial planning resource will be available?

    • Hi Letron- Thanks! I’m so glad you like it. I have a working draft of that resource but it needs a bunch of tuning and notes. Realistically, I would say late April/May. Sorry for the delay!

      • Any updates on this? I’ve looked into resources on better budgeting, but they seem to all be a bit too general to apply to a small startup team. Having more resources on lean financial allocations would be great.

  • Remi

    Hi Alex! Great blog! Here is a free and easy financial planning tool for startups I just lauched : http://www.businessmodelforecast.com/ It aims to help entrepreneurs building their business models in addition to other tools like the BMC. Don’t hesitate to test it before writing your post! 😉