Sprint 5

Are We There Yet?

This is it! Pivot or persevere?

All your work so far has led you to this point. Have you proven that there’s a solid business worth the next level of investment? If so, what’s in the next iteration?


Everything from sprints 1-4.


If the team has a mentor, they should submit this material to them minimum 3 business days before the sprint end and panel (or mentor) review so their mentor has adequate time to review the details.

The following table breaks these down into roughly time-boxed tasks. The next section on learning materials describes supplemental material you may find helpful.

Minimum Items


Approx. Time*


Results from Assumption, MVP and/or Prototype Testing Highly variable Final Assesement: Have you proven or disproven your assumptions? Pivot or persevere?If a pivot, what are your new ideas and how did you reach them?If persevere, what are the next steps and milestones?
Revisions: Personas, Problem Scenarios, Assumptions, Stories, Prototypes…. Highly variable

At General Review

The teams should distill their material in the time-boxed format in the prescribed format: Sprint 5 Presentation **add link. This presentation will answer at a minimum:

Pivot or persevere?
If pivot, why and what are your new ideas? How did you develop them?
If persevere, how did you provie out the idea and what are the next set of milestones?


Be sure all teams post their standup for sprint 5.