Oren Root (VMWare) on Lean Enterprise

Sr. Product Line Manager | VMware

Oren Root Product Manager- VMWare

“What needle are you trying to move?”


Joining me today is Oren Root, who is a product line manager at VMware. I’ve always found it challenging to deploy and manage products with big companies. Enterprise software in particular, with all its various facets, is particularly challenging. I’ve spoken with Oren before, and he is particularly thoughtful and successful in this area so we’re going to talk a little bit about his experience at VMware with a particular product line. We’re going to talk about how he managed his product to make it more valuable to not just his contact at the large customer, but all the users that were actually using it.

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oren-root-product-manager-vmwareOren Root
Sr. Product Line Manager, VMWare
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