Starting a Tech Business


The Non-Technical Guide to Building a Tech Business

The Non-Technical Guide to Building a Tech Business

Thinking of starting a technology-enabled business? Or maybe you just want to increase your technology mojo so you can do your job better?

You do not need to learn programming to participate in the development of today’s hottest technologies. But there are a few easy-to-grasp foundation concepts that will help you engage with a technical team.

What will I learn?

Chapter 1: The Idea

How do you know if you have an idea worth pursuing?

Your first step is to confront the critical question of whether you want to look back in twenty years at an idea that likely could have been successful, knowing you did nothing.

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Chapter 2: The Strategy

How do you take your idea from good to viable business?

Success is a repeatable process. Arriving at a product/market fit that enables a good business is something everyone can do.

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Chapter 3: The Product

How do you build a product that delivers on your insights

There are product design processes that work reliably, enabling business owners and developers. There are also processes that don’t and virtually guarantee lackluster product. In this chapter, you’ll learn a few simple tools to deliver great product design.

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Chapter 4: The Architecture

How do you avoid wasting money on overbuilding?
Leverage today’s best technologies?

More than ever, successful high-tech products are pack animals. They leverage complementary products to build their own company’s product, rather than constructing the whole thing from scratch.

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Chapter 5: The Team

How do you identify the exact talent you need?
Qualify that talent?

You can avoid the Magpie of Discord by defining roles, including their skill sets and interdependencies, and building and managing your team accordingly.

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Chapter 6: Getting to Beta

How do you actually make ‘agile’ techniques work for you?
How do you prepare?

The reality of delivering high-tech systems is more like regular life: To succeed with any kind of reliability, you need realistic, methodical planning and discipline.

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Chapter 7: Beta!

How do you prepare for launch to avoid chaos?
How do you make sure you keep learning?

With many high-tech businesses, running a strong operation is as important as having great technology.

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Chapter 8: Scaling the Business

How do you tune and scale a successful recipe?

You’ll need to master the currents of your market and point the company in a direction it can pursue without lots of rapid twists and turns.

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Meet Alex Cowan, Author of Starting a Tech Business and CTO of Leonid Systems

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Alex Cowan has been an entrepreneur (5x) and intrapreneur (1x). He is currently founder and CTO of Leonid Systems, in addition to being the author of Starting a Tech Business. Alex actively advise companies and institutions on the material presented on this website, particularly my Venture Design and Startup Sprints programs.

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