Software Development Class


It’s not too late to learn about coding.

For the student who wants to increase their creative confidence on software-related projects, Software Development is an experiential class that delivers hands-on coding experience for the non-engineer. The class offers a format with hands-on assistance that many students need to acquire the necessary skills in a single academic quarter.

This is a short intro. class on design-driven software development. It’s (very) roughly 60 hours of content, including class time and assignment time. It’s designed for a learner that’s comfortable with user stories and related techniques on software design that I cover in this class: Software Design. That class is not a prerequisite, but if you haven’t taken it you may need to budget a little extra time to loop back and cover a few key topics.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

Build functioning web applications using HTML, CSS, and Javascript
Focus coding tasks on valuable outcomes with user stories and prototypes
Evaluate alternative approaches to software implementations
Participate in a version control process using Git and Github
Work through technical issues with analytical debugging techniques

Intro Slides

Everything Else

The meat of the class is on a Github Page- Software Development.