Recommended Practice and Supplemental Resources

Hello! This is a reference on recommended practice and resources to help you do that practice for hypothesis-driven development.

1: You, and the Business of ‘Digital’

Describe a Business and its Product/Market fit with the Business Model Canvas

Tutorial on the Business Model Canvas
Printable Business Model Canvas
Digitally Editable Canvas Template on Google Docs

For more depth on the topic, check out this online course:
Online Course: Facilitating with the Business Model Canvas
(≈4 hours including quizzes and practice)

Charter and Focus a Team with OKRs

John Doerr’s website has a set of examples I’ve found quite sufficient for getting started with OKR’s: What Matters: OKR Examples.

If you want a lot more depth, he also has a book on the topic: Measure What Matters.

Practice Agile

Online Tutorial: Agile: Just the Basics

If you prefer something more business school, here is a tech note I wrote with a colleague: Agile Development

Finally, if you want something more directed and even broader because knowing about agile is one of your top priorities right now, here is my online course: Managing with Agile.

Strategy Meets Digital

For this, I highly recommend my colleague Mike Lenox’s book on digital transformation: coming soon!

Teaching a Degree Program Course or Workshop with This Material

The links below reference full syllabi, including assignment templates, for a few HDD-related classes I teach:
Digital Product Management
Software Design
Software Development
Digital Capstone
Hypothesis-Driven Development for Analysts [COMING SOON]