Updated Venture Design Template!

I’ve made the Venture Design process available for free through a combination of tutorials, templates and examples. The aforementioned page is one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the site and the centerpiece of most workshops I do.

Based on:
– watching entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) work with the materials
– talking with students, advisees, and advisees about their experience
– reviewing the Mouseflow recordings and heat maps of user sessions on the site
– poking around Google Analytics. . .
. . . I accumulated a list of problem scenarios I’ve been dying to address.

I’m happy to say this latest update gets at most of them. One thing you’ll notice through the material is a navigational graphic allowing you to link between related tutorials, examples and templates. The goal is have things a little better decomposed and manageable for the user.

I created the table below to describe the issues and updates for interested parties- feedback very, very welcome. If you’d like to check out the updated material, the landing page is here: Venture Design process.

It’s sometimes hard to tell which portions of the Google Doc are explanatory (and should be removed) and which are parts of the actual fill-in-your-stuff-here template.If I just want to get to the template, there are a lot of examples and stuff to scroll through. – Enclosed all explanatory material in box/table for easy distinction- Moved all but one example for each section over to their own page back to reduce the amount of explanatory material on the template itself.
‘I found great tutorials and talks to explain the topics, but after I’d already started using the template.’ – Integrated references to talks and tutorials.
It stops with the agile stories and leaves out the material on prototyping/wireframe- going to development. Integrated notes and a placeholder.
It leaves out the material on Business Model Canvas (most popular page on the site, incidentally). Integrates notes, placeholder and soon an example page for the sample company, Enable Quiz.

The revised Venture Design template is also online and closely tied to the material. Enjoy and please consider sharing your experience in the comments!